Dub Selekta Picks: Shambhala 2017

Getting ready to swing open the gate for the 20th year, the magical Shambhala Music Festival, is gearing up for another amazing year and we want to give you some insight on some artists that we are excited to see.

Having sold out of tickets in less than 24 hours, unprecedented in the festival’s history, this year’s team has stepped up to put together one of the most distinct lineups to date. As a representative of Dub Selekta I (Fraser Evans) will be documenting the festival for what it truly is, eccentric and natural on 35mm film still format. This unique opportunity puts me lens to face with folks from many countries, backgrounds and walks of life. Next to the music, being entrusted to reproduce a tiny snapshot of this fascinating gathering is the most exciting part of it all.

This extravagant 20th Anniversary spotlights musical notables and must sees including a top pick from each stage:

The Pagoda:

Justin Martin has become a “house-hold” name on the Farm with the Dirty Bird Players. JM calls San Francisco home yet always on the go from DJing across the globe to his never ending work as co-founder of label Dirty Bird Records. Yet, still he has released some of the most hyped tracks of the past years.  Be prepared for heavy driving bass and a diverse melodic flow. Expect an eclectic aural wow.

The Village:

Over the past 20 years Drum & Bass, LTJ Bukem has rocked a progressive following. DJing in the late 80’s before starting his own label, LTJ Bukem “Good Looking Records”. DJ crates will have well-loved copies of classics such as “Music” and “Demon’s Theme”. Om Unit lists LTJ Bukem’s remix of “I Need You” as one of his 10 favourite Jungle tunes. Brace yourself for atmospheric amens that will warp you through time.

The Fractal Forest:

Although DJ Jazzy Jeff may be best known for his role working with Will Smith (DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince) don’t even consider letting that funny business make a judgement on his skills. Jazzy Jeff started DJing at the age of 10 and has since pioneered scratches including the “Transformer”. In 1989, with the Fresh Prince, these artists received the first Grammy for Best Rap Performance. Just two years ago the Fractal Forest was blown away by impressively, swift turntablism and alluring track selection; this set will definitely not disappoint.

The Grove:

Ivy Lab is a triple threat of a collective composed of Sabre, Stray and Halogenix. Each of these dynamic producers complement one another as they tweak their unique sounds. The group gained acclaim in 2012 releasing on Critical Music and pushed straight for the top, ranking among Mixmags top 10 DJ’s of 2015. If you like forward thinking halftime DNB, you’ll want to check this set.

The AMPhitheatre:

Known respectfully as the “MVP of the MPC”; AraabMuzik acquired his first MPC1000 at the ripe age of 15. Fast forward to now and he is renowned worldwide for his live sets, so much so that AKAI has even sponsored him as an AKAI Pro Artist. Working with Dipset, he produced his first widely played hit for Cam’ron (“Get it in Ohio”). Not only an amazing beat maker, AraabMuzik’s live performance is unparalleled, with lightning fast live drumming which will leave you floored and begging for more.

The Living Room:

Hailing from Brooklyn NY, Gregor Asch, better known as Dj Olive (aka The Audio Janitor) is one part Turntablist, one part Mixed-Medium artist and one part machine. In the early 90’s he was a founding member of the “immersionist” group Lalalandia Entertainment Research Corporation putting on a wide variety of interactive events. With a catalogue of releases stacking taller than a family home, his production could be described as surreal. From Dub, to Hip Hop, to Acid Jazz, this set will have you speechless, let alone trying to label the genre.


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Written by Fraser “Phrase” Evans

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