Dub Selekta Picks: Bass Coast 2017

There has always been a sense of faith in the curators of Bass Coast as year to year, their lineups always present a diverse and forward-thinking listing of artsists. We were particularly excited to see how they would continue to evolve and develop from their already superior spot as one of Western Canada’s premier festivals.

So when the 2017 lineup dropped, we were naturally excited beyond all belief! Here is a little video to give you some insight as to why:

With an impressive 27 artists included in the first wave for Bass Coast 2017, we figured we would breakdown the roster and highlight a few of the artists that we’re particularly excited to see this summer.

Doctor Jeep

No stranger to Bass Coast, Doctor Jeep has had the pleasure of attending in the past (gracing the main stage in 2015) as both an artist and attendee. Coming off a successful year of releases, shows and festivals, Doctor Jeep will be showcasing sounds that hover between 165-170bpm Halftime, Dubstep, Juke, Dancehall and Rap. 2016 saw releases on Aufect Recordings (his Dissociate EP which featured remixes from local heros GREAZUS, Levrige and Subcorr), B.YRSLF DIVISION (which included a remix of HxdB’s tune Skool Dayz) as well as many self released bootlegs and remixes.

Why you should see Doctor Jeep at Bass Coast:

Attendees from his last performance know; expect the unexpected! A truly unique artist that can easily blend and challenge genres, in addition to being a lovely guy who has a very deep love of music, Doctor Jeep is a favourite to witness at Bass Coast because of his ability to be a musical chameleon. But one thing is for certain, while you may not know exactly what kind of Doctor Jeep set you’ll see, it’ll always be a good one!


Anyone that loves sounds from the well, will be familiar with Egoless. Specializing in sounds that span Dub, Reggae, Dubstep, Roots and other offshoots surrounding those styles, Egoless has had releases on ZamZam Recordings (including his tune Non-Immigrant Song) and Scotch Bonnet Records (with a B-Side to Von D’s Analog Sound) as well as remixes on ZamZam’s 12″ label Khaliphonic Records.

Why you should see Egoless at Bass Coast:

First and foremost, Egoless doesn’t often make appearances on the West Coast of Canada so Bass Coast attendees are lucky to get a chance to experience an Egoless set. In addition, his sound and style goes perfectly with the vibe at the Slay Bay stage and if you’re a fan of the infamous annual Lighta! Reggae Jam, then you will certainly the sounds from Egoless!


Originally from Russia, Enei has been on the Critical Recordings roster since 2010 and will be taking part in Bass Coast’s Critical Music showcase along label boss Kasra and label mate Sam Binga. If you’re a fan of Drum and Bass, then you certainly will want to take note of Enei (and the entire Critical Music showcase at Bass Coast for that matter) as he is releasing some of the most dynamic sounds within the DnB genre.

Fresh off a his Wolfpack EP (out now via Critical Records) his past releases have been absolute stunners and while he is more humble and reserved than some of his label mates, his production speaks volumes. Each of his past releases, including his Rituals LP and collaborative EP with Kasra (Inside the Box), build on his style and while he could be classified as “dark” Drum and Bass, he truly explores all sounds (including Liquid, Half Time, and Jungle with a handful of rollers or Neuro-funk inspired sounds included.

Why you should see Enei at Bass Coast

A common theme among some of the artists that we’ve featured but, Enei also doesn’t make many Canadian appearances so attendees would be in their best interest to take note of his set time. Additionally, as he seems to have no end of creativity, which cultivates in a litany of dubplates and releases, we suspect that Enei will be bringing some of the sexiest, darkest and deepest sounds that you will not want to miss!


As the big don Goldie has been quoted as saying, Kasra is “a gatekeeper to what is under the surface in drum & bass.” While we couldn’t agree more, the genre of Drum and Bass has seen quite a bit of growth and advancement thanks to Kasra. Working behind the scenes for 15 years to push Critical Records to the forefront,  he has helped support artists and given them a platform to showcase their talents, whilst also pushing the bounds of the genre and challenging our preconceved notions of what Drum and Bass is.

Why you should see Kasra at Bass Coast

As go-getter label head and dynamic artist, we feel it would be in your best interest to catch Kasra at Bass Coast this summer. Beyond being an excellent selektor, his production is unmatched and his work with label mates (like Enei) lead us to believe that the Critical Records showcase will be a Bass Coast moment that we will be raving about for years to come.


While some of the artists we have already mentioned have fairly clearly defined styles, Moresounds is another chameleon that defies genre bounds. If were to try and describe what Moresounds is best known for, we would say he explores sounds that pivot around Dub, Halftime, Jungle and other worldly electronic vibrations.

Moresounds is just coming off a fresh new release viaFracture’s Astrophonica label (The Gradients LP) and has been releasing tunes on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label since it’s inception. His last Cosmic Bridge Release, Mutations Experts EP, follows on a five year break from his first release and “combines the rhythmic appeal of jungle with the transformative potential of dub, sidestepping obvious signifiers to play with possibilities.”

Why you should see Moresounds at Bass Coast

Moresounds is another artist that doesn’t make it to Western Canada often and should be noted by attendees. His sound is also one quintessentially Bass Coast and his tunes have been featured by many other artists that have made Bass Coast appearances in the past. Plus Cosmic Bridge calls him a “Dub Scientist”, which speaks to his irregularity and desire to explore sounds beyond the norm, so who wouldn’t want to see him in action?

The Librarian

We couldn’t include a list of must-sees at Bass Coast without including one of their very own, one of the two gals that we owe so much thanks to for bringing us together for Bass Coast in the first place; The Librarian. One of two co-founders of Bass Coast, The Librarian has absolute dexterity when it comes to blending styles and her Bass Coast sets are always a special moment during the weekend. Her hard work and dedication to building and developing the Canadian electronic scene is unmatched and she simultaneously manages to push an eclectic sound – all the while with her absolute humility and a smile.

Why you should see The Librarian at Bass Coast

First of all, we are all gathering for Bass Coast thanks to the efforts of The Librarian! If that isn’t enough of a reason to attend her set, then perhaps a chance to bask in her amazingness would be enough to sway you. A modest, driven and motivated individual, The Librarian sets are always incredibly memorable and should be top of the list for weekend activities during Bass Coast 2017!


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