For years Fat Pat has been a Canadian bass heart throb. Dropping his blend of greasy sumptuous beats across the buffet that is Canadian festivals and events, Pat has converted ambivalent musical anorexics into ravenous bass fiends.

Last month saw the release of Psychic Salami, a mouth watering full length album on Calgary imprint Tycho records. The aroma is a spicy variety of bass flavour, much like a typical Fat Pat set. With summer behind us, I’ve had a craving for a Fat Pat feast of beats. Pat conjured up a taste for us here at Dub Selekta in the form of a solid hour and a half mix, as well as sitting down for a Q&A about the thick gristly bass his sets are renowned for.

Dub Selekta Podcast 14: Fat Pat by Dub Selekta

K. Lea, Dubselekta: So, you’ve been producing for a pretty long time. When did you get serious about your work in the studio vs. dabbling? You released your first full length this year; why the wait on a full length?

Fat Pat: I actually still don’t get serious about my music. It is and always will be a huge passion for me and I get so much enjoyment out of it, I don’t think it would be possible for me to stop experiencing and making it. The day I can still maintain that relationship with music and be successful enough to just do that, maybe then I won’t even need to treat it serious, I’ll just be able to love it even more. But it has progressed to a point where I can do more things quicker so I can get ideas out faster. There is still so much to always learn and that will never change.

This is actually my third full length release over the years, but this one has received the most interest and was a Beatport exclusive feature in the glitch hop section for a few weeks and stayed on their top 100 chart for a couple weeks too. So somebody over there was helping with the promo. I think it helps being on a really good current label that is putting out some sick music from next level producers. Go Tycho!

What’s an average Fat Pat mix like? Do you tend to play a lot of originals?

Its pretty much like a king’s ghetto chilli with everything in the fridge thrown in. I am obsessed with new music scouring SoundCloud and Bandcamp daily, sometimes hourly just to see whats the latest creation from favourite producers and especially unknown bedroom producers from around the globe. When it comes time to use my hoarding pile of songs I just pick the favourites of the bunch and weave them together into a musical mishmash with a couple originals thrown on top.

Any bedroom producers catching your attention you wanna share with us? Do you ever find an artist before they get big with your nose for sniffing out the best bass?

I have seen a lot of producers come up from the small no-body to the big time headliners. Its always cool to see that. Once they are too big though then I am a lot more critical of their work. Just the way I see things I guess. It loses some of the excitement for me when its things break into the top 40 world.

There’s been some producers that have been consistently killing it and it’s paid off. Like, Samples, An-ten-nae, Love & Light and Nasty Nasty to name a few.

There are some that are currently blowing up like: GRiZ, Minnesota, +verb, Stephan Jacobs, Crizzly and Nit Grit, and there are some that should be blowing up and aren’t like heRobust, Chase Manhatten, OG Status, Minoru, Barbaric Merits and Svenska. Seeing all that just makes me hungry for more.

What can you tell me about your Dub Selekta Podcast? Is it anything like your Shambhala set?

The mix is actually the left overs from my Shambhala set and the latest finds from the inter webs. I didn’t want to put any songs that I played at Shambhala on here because that set is going to be posted right away too so I didn’t want any repeats. This is a wider spectrum of styles because its more of an iPod journey for me. If I had to take the bus from one end of the city to the other this is what I’d want to listen to.

Are your club sets and festival sets pretty similar?

I always imagine the space of where the music is going to be presented and what kind of system it will be blasted on before I start picking songs. Those two things always play a huge role in your experience where ever you are. Some songs just won’t fit at a dark club and some won’t at a forest festival. But I still always end up just playing those ones I’m itching to play anyway.

What can we expect from Fat Pat this fall and winter?


Food seems to be a theme with you. Explain.

I really love food. I used to eat a lot too but now I just consume large helpings of music so it just seems to make sense. I can best describe what I play relating it to food as well. Better then using genre labels. Like meat medley breaks layered with thick gristly bass. Just seems to be more accurate then glitch hop or drumstep.

Thanks to Pat for the killer mix and new artists to check! For more info on Fat Pat visit his SoundCloud, where you will find the latest Fat Pat news and releases.

Dub Selekta Podcast 14: Fat Pat by Dub Selekta

Mix Tracklist:

Overhertz – As Time Goes By
pHFat – We are playing at Klein Libertas in Stellenbosch on Friday the 24th of August 2012
Alpha Data – ADHD
Deep Coast – Prince Ali (Akasha Remix)
Cualli – Lovin Live
Barry Koota – Perception Deception
R.O – Robot Love
Fat Pat & Jennie O – Ham Hop
Fat Pat – Mash Pit
Shlump Criminal – Rolling Bluntz
Ill.Gates VS Die Antwoord – Round2 Fok Julle Naalers
Fat Pat – J$
Kanye West feat. Jay-Z – Clique (Wick-it Re-work)
Dj Khaled – All I Do is Win (Wick-it Trapwagon Remix)
Skrillex – Goin’ In (Goin’ Down Mix)
Antiserum & Mayhem – Brick Squad Anthem
Sleigh Bells – Demons (Diplo Remix)
Craze & Codes – Trapped In Sydney
Samples & Stephan Jacobs – Nano Puppy (Stephan’s Bone Thug’s re-edit)
Tundra – Lights Out
Kether – Maroon
Maxumus Baxter – Rise and Beat
I Am Robot – Frogs, Airports, and an Ocarina
Fat Pat – My Little Brony
Andreilien, Heyoka – Teabag
Eprom – Pipe Dream Original Mix
pH Fat – Pimpapotamus
The OriGinALz – Another Day Another Dawn
The OriGinALz – Bell Butter
Ecliptik – Dragon Slayer
Chase Manhattan – Hype Star
GRiZ – Smash The Funk
KOAN Sound – Sly Fox
Opiuo feat. Syreneiscreamy and Russ Liquid – Don’t Hold Back
Musiq Soulchild – Just Friends (Busted by heRobust)
Minoru – Under Your Spell
Mosen – Litle Funker (Original Mix)
Gramatik Vs. The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down 2012
DeFunk – By The River
I Self Devine – The Origin Of Urban Crisis
erb N GEORGE – Night Creeper (erb N dub Mix)
Apocalyptica – Not Strong Enough (Nogiard Remix)
Loadstar – Passenger
Celldweller – Gift For You (Headrock Remix)
Stephan Jacobs feat. Shay Faded – Hold It Together (Psymbionic Remix)
Data Mind – Zebbler Encanti Experience
Closed Eye Visuals – Chihiro
Hectix – Love Radar
Modigs – Hexahedron
Adam John – One Seven Zero
Stephen Swartz feat. Joni Fatora – Bullet Train