I have nothing but utmost respect for the ladies who hold it down in the bass community. And in terms of ladies holding it down on the west coast, I can think of few who match Andrea Graham a.k.a The Librarian’s dedication to the scene. As the co founder and artistic director at Bass Coast, I wanted to make a point of including her in our pre Bass Coast coverage as she is one of it’s most integral parts!

The Librarian is someone who possesses time management skills that I wish I had. As a founding member of the Bass Coast project, she works year round on the festival and if not behind the decks (either solo or via her residency at Mat the Alien’s Really Good Tuesdays in Whistler), you can typically find her working on something festival related. In addition, she is an incredible DJ and her mixtapes are the ones that often remain on my iPod well after their release.

As her bio accurately states, she blends a unique blend of bass music that defies categorization but is rooted deep in low end frequencies and soulful melodies. Not one to pigeon hole herself into any particular genre, The Librarian has an ear for a good track and her sets are a good integration of all the best parts of a particular sound.

This mix she’s got for us to include in our pre-coverage in a great snapshot of what you can expect to hear when catching The Librarian at this year’s Bass Coast festivities. Peppered with lots of familiar names, many of which are also playing at Bass Coast, Librarian flows through sounds that waver between bass heavy (dare I say almost dubstep) styles onto more Juke and Jungle and even a bit of Footwork. One might say it’s a salad bowl of all our favourite sounds!

Playing The Bassment stage at 11:30pm on Sunday August 5th, you can expect to hear a deep and moving set from the Librarian that’ll keep you on your toes. We’re ready to lurk through the forest to some deep bassy vibes and you can be guaranteed that The Librarian will deliver a soundtrack that meshes perfectly with the beautiful outdoors in which she’ll be playing.

For more info on Bass Coast festival be sure to checkout their website. And be sure to check out The Librarian on her soundcloud and on facebook! Big ups goes out to Liz for all the amazing artwork she’s done for our pre Bass Coast mini mix series!!

DS Presents the Bass Coast Minimix Series: Librarian by The Librarian


Set it – Dream Continuum
Move Her – Trap Arnold
Numba One Stunna – Self Evident
On Patrol – Dan Solo
Delirium – Nguzunguzu
Circles – Adam F (Phillip D Kick Footwork edit)
Al-Sham – Ra Cailum
Cbat – Hudson Mohawke
Komodo – Salva
Money To Blow (Bootleg) – Deebs
Tic Tac Toe -(Krampfhaft Remix) – Halp
Spheroid – HxdB vs Daega Sound (Forthcoming Crude)
Can’t Take It – Desto
Hello – Clicks & Whistles
Fossils – Point B
Skip A Beat (Tom Richman Mix) – Anna Love
Bob Ya Head – Dreams
Crusade – Sinjin Hawke
Shawty – Teeth
Back Home – Mr Geography
Nimh – Myrryrs
Gold Drip – C.Z.
Bug In The Rug – Daega Sound
Look Like – Scared Striker
Enter The Wardrobe (RocCazba Remix) – Montgomery Clunk
Offkey – Blackwax
Pencil Pimp – Sepalcure
Congo Blade Runner – Krampfhaft
Ily – Kahn