If you’re a regular reader here at Dub Selekta you may have noticed our piece the other day that featured an interview with Beama. Included in that article was a video of the mainstage at Sync Festival with music from one of An-Ten-Nae’s latest tracks, Santigold’s Freak Like Me remix. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve likely had that track on constant repeated since!

Well now, with this brand new mix from An-Ten-Nae titled “In Acid Crunk We Trust”, familiar tracks have been reworked in classic An-Ten-Nae fashion as well as a few other fave tracks. Starting off with Flosstradamus’s Lanna’s theme and flowing from there into a whole slew or crunky goodness, An-Ten-Nae has us swooning! The first mixtape for him in a while, An-Ten-Nae notes:

This mix features lots of exclusive remixes and tracks only found here as well as an Original An-Ten-Nae song coming on the forthcoming Acid Crunk EPX. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think…

An-Ten-Nae – In Acid Crunk We Trust (Mixtape) by an-ten-nae

So get yourself on soundcloud and give some feedback! This mix is the perfect soundtrack to get you to those forthcoming summer festivals so give it a download and let it flex your speakers!!