Diffrent Music is a label that does things….differently.  The London based Drum & Bass imprint specializes in the love of pink giraffe’s, cutting pink vinyl, and most importantly releasing some seriously heavyweight tunes!

Diffrent found itself in the spotlight with the release of Frederick Robinson’s ‘Laughing At Clouds’, a record best described by boss man Dexta as ‘Ibiza Step’. It subsequently received so much love from head honcho of Hospital Records, London Elektricty, that it warranted a prestigious place on the label’s key compilation album – Hospitality 2012.

Not too long after Diffrent followed with a release from Birmingham’s Stanza. Already renowned for his incredible DJing skills and B2B sets with High Contrast. Stanza’s productions have been rare gems over the past couple of years but it seems he has stepped things up for 2012. Sigmund Freud / Circuit Board is an apt title for a double A of innovative DnB genius.

Moving forward from the uplifting tones, Diffrent have unsurprisingly switched things up with their latest release and Dexta, co-owner of Diffrent with Hunchbak is here to give us the lowdown on all of this and the world of Diffrent Music as Dub Selekta stopped for a quick chat.

The next release on Diffrent Music comes from an artist called Jekyll. What has he got in store for us all?

Jekyll’s first solo single ‘Drainpipe/Blabbermouth’ is a perfect display of what Thomas the bass engine is all about, full on bass waste all the way through both tracks, with a set of fast paced groovy drum patterns!

What was the process behind starting Diffrent Music; what inspired you, drove you to make it happen, and what has made it so successful?

The main point behind starting the venture was a joint passion for really tasty unique drum & bass music, and a hatred for the crap that managed to find its way into 90% of the DJs bags!! The fact that not that many people had enough courage to push the experimental deep music gave us a massive loop hole to jump into, and that kinda made it successful as we were the only people doing it!

Your approach to A&R sounds like it has been meticulous and from the off. With records that have been supported by the likes of London Elektricity and Rockwell. You seem to have a knack of linking up some really BIG tunes?

Not really, just trying to pluck up support off the DJs and artists who we both like and follow and mainly the ones that like our sound! As for the meticulous comment, cheers – it’s not an easy scene to succeed in! Watch out of Hunchbak & Arkaik ‘Cliche’ coming out to a 12inch near you soon…. Quartz & Shaded feat. MCXL ‘Intentions’ and of course, the mighty ‘Drainpipe’ from Jekyll which is dropping right about now!!

When did the obsession with label mascot, Leonard the Pink Giraffe emerge?

This is too much of a personal story, that neither Jamie nor I can ever really explain… PS; I wouldn’t call it an obsession, more of a way of life hahaha!

What has been the most memorable moment of running Different Music thus far?

For me, personally, the Diffrent party @ 1001 with Knowledge Magazine was the first point where everyone got together, the artists, the label crew, the fans, it was amazing vibes – and if you were not there, do not fear, we have other parties in store!!

Can you tell us what’s in store for the rest of 2012?

We have plenty of music coming through, probably about six or seven releases line up for 2012, including a fire full EP from Shaded and a couple of big banging bass music orientated releases
Any shouts to give or words to add?Cheers to you guys for having us (me!) – Big love to all the people showing us lots of support and feedback, at least we know we’re doing something right!! All the artists involved with the label past and present, and shouts to Hunchbak who couldn’t make the interview as he is away on holiday (alright for some hey!?)