Well things have been a little quiet here around Dub Selekta as we were off for a minute taking in some live music in both Seattle and Vancouver over the weekend. But we’re back in a big way with a fresh new mix by Canadian XI as he dishes up the latest version of the Frite Nite podcast.

We’re introduced to the mix via the Frite Nite signature introduction and are then privy to someone munching away on a bowl of cereal before the beats get moving and XI launches onto Aspirator by Ambalance. The entire podcast is a beautiful work of art; capturing both XI’s impeccable track selection and showcasing his seamless ease in blending beats.

Highlighting quite a few of his own tracks, XI has managed to find a great balance between many genres, so much so that this mix defies typical genre classification. The best way to describe it is forward thinking bass music; incorporating many familiar sounds and tones while mixing in elements of juke, jungle/drum and bass, early or UK dubstep sounds and lots of that 140/150 bmp style we’ve come to love so much.

With additional appearances by Lazer Sword, Machine Drum, Falty DL and a smashing finale with Unknown Shapes’ Used to Give a Fk, we’re all over this mix. It’s easily going to make its way into our top most played for this week, we’re certainly enjoying the ride!

You can grab yourself a copy of the mix via the Frite Nite website (or direct download is here) but be sure to take a wander while you’re there and checkout all the other fun things Frite Nite is up to!