We’ve got a fresh face who comes with a fresh new style on the newest instalment of our Dub Selekta Podcast series. I’m quite excited about this one and have a feeling it’ll become a fan favourite here pretty quick!

Our 10th podcast in the series comes to us courtesy of Victoria local ADRWSHRY!

If you’re a regular in the music scene here in Victoria then you may already be privy to ADRWSHRY, who sometimes goes by the name Shrew, as he is a resident DJ at Lucky Bar who has become as one of the few DJs to regularly rinse out Moombahton. Often playing side by side with Longshanks at SOLID or with his partner in crime, Mr Smith, ADRWSHRY is easily one of the most underrated DJs in town (in my opinion anyways!)

With all this in mind, he makes for the perfect candidate on our podcast series. Mixing up some of the best in Moombahton, ADRWSHRY has worked in familiar and unfamiliar alike with this midtempo mix. When asked a bit about this particular mix, here’s what he had to say:

“When Amy at Dub Selekta asked me to do a podcast I really had no idea where to start. With Dub Selekta having such a large part in the Bass community I wanted to have something aimed a bit more towards a harder, partier style, yet still fuse in as many comfortable sounds to feel as inviting as possible. A Mid tempo Moombahton set seemed like a great idea. It’s a genre of music that I’ve found myself really overtaken by lately. There has been a continuous flow of new original sounds and remixes being such a new style of music. To be completely honest I titled this mix Selectives because I had an original mix finished… and ended up making a completely brand new mix by being too stubborn with the original one. Enjoy.”

Dub Selekta Podcast 10 ADRWSHRY : Selectives by ADRWSHRY

One look at the tracklisting and you’ll see some familiar names; Robin, Adele, Rusko, Drake etc. Although they’ve all been reworked to embrace the Moombahton sound and give a new spin on some classic tracks. Moving towards the heavier end of things around the half way point, we see ADRWSHRY start to explore Dillon Francis, Nacey and The Killabits among others.

Be sure to grab yourself a download of the mix and get yourself a copy to bump in your headphones. And while you’re at it, why not go and show ADRWSHRY some love on his social networks? Here’s his Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud links if you’re looking to connect. And just for fun, make sure you go and like our own Facebook fanpage, we just hit the big 1, 000 mark and are movin on up!

Big shoutouts to ADRWSHRY for pulling this awesome mix today. Also kudos go out to our artman, Construct, for the cover. Enjoy!