We’re quite stoked to bring you the latest in our podcast series as it’s a first in what we’re hoping will become a regular occurrence around here! The Philthkids have brought us an extra special podcast full of nothing but the best in Juke, Jungle and Footwerk sounds. We’ve got a big double feature including both an interview with Cherrie P and Bassmynt of the Philthkids, a mix and a free track from the crew! Lots of prezzys to get your weekend started!

Currently with Aufect Recordings, the Philthkids have been carving out a little juke community here in Canada and are quickly become our “worst nightmare”, largely in part due to their globally renowned Liquor Store EP. In addition, their more recent releases and subsequent remixes of their tracks have given them an extra push that has done nothing but propelled them forward. 2011 saw the release of the For The Booty album from the Philthkids and then towards the end of 2011 we saw a stellar remix album featuring everyone from DJ Assault to Longwalkshortdock mixing up the Philthkids tracks on the For The Booty Remix EP.

With all this in mind, we were quite eager to have these kids come on board and join our roster of podcast members. Be sure to check out the Philthkids website to stay up to date on what the crew is doing. Plus go and visit Aufect’s website for all the hot new releases coming from them. And while you’re at it, be sure to get yourself copies of both the podcast and the exclusive Dub Selekta VIP of Take Cover. Enjoy!

Dub Selekta Podcast 9.0: Philthkids by Philthkids

Dub Selekta sits down with the Philthkids

Dub Selekta: Who are the Philthkids?
CherrieP: There are 6 of us. We make tunes, DJ and feed our Bisons Maple Syrup.
Bassmynt: The janitors for an all 80s nightclub

Dub Selekta: How interesting….While avoiding cliché genre titles, whats your music sound like?
CherrieP: Philthkids music in general is dirty music. Meaning its grimy and deep we don’t remix a lot of pop songs and the subject matter is usually sexual or straight up retarded.
Bassmynt: Strippers with lazers

Dub Selekta: All of the above sounds like winning combinations haha! So the For The Booty remix album just recently came out, hows it make you feel to hear your music reworked in so many ways?
Bassmynt: Inspired to make more music! Every remix was dope and unique, very happy that everybody took the time to rework these tracks! as a remixer these tracks were just super fun to destroy and rebuild.

Dub Selekta: How did you feel the original For The Booty album was received? I imagine it wasn’t your first EP so wasn’t your first trip around the block
CherrieP: The first EP was smashing. For the booty is a super fat track. I normally sample only my own voice to make hooks but this sample was taken from Harvey Birdman. Easy was produced in Bassmynt’s bedroom on his ghetto ass Numark computer spreakers. It’s the biggest track we’ve done together yet. It’s unfurled for sure.
Bassmynt: Who knows… we like it…

Dub Selekta: That’s all that really matters in the long run anyways….One track that made it onto both the original and remix album was called “Promoters Suck Dick.” Is there a story behind the name of that track or was it just a sample that worked in the track?
CherrieP: Man I hate promoters, they’re always on my dick. Frontin’ to get down then they quick to talk shit. Always come around when they down on they chips, but when its time to get paid they switch up like a bitch. Actin’ like you sold out scoopin’ all the tips, never satisfied always sweatin’ on a kid. Lookin’ everywhere but it my eyes then you fall out, hit the after party random hoes always coked out.

Dub Selekta: I like, I like. So I read in an interview from earlier in 2011 where Cherrie Poppinz mentioned that “Basically anything that isn’t Bitcrushed and Glitchy takes like 12 years to get through to nelson. So no…Juke is not being received.” Almost a year later, in your opinions, how has the landscape changed?
Bassmynt: Well I don’t know, Big Jules dropped, “all I do is smoke trees” at Ryan’s party and people were into it… but I highly doubt one could pull off an all juke/footwork set in nelson…
CherrieP: Since then, I’ve been seeing more and more local DJ’s trying new stuff. Like Bassmynt was saying our boys Ryan Wells, Fluxo and Big Jules are some examples. I think we’ve changed more than the landscape to be honest. I feel more at peace with whats going on around me just by focusing more on my own stuff. We used to get all caught up in it, getting mad and flustered and shit. Thats a waste of energy snayin?

Philthkids – Take Cover – Dub Selekta Exclusive by Philthkids
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Dub Selekta: Ya I hear ya. So bass music in 2011 went through some major shifts…without getting too deep, how would you summarise bass music in 2011?
CherrieP: Bass music in 2011 is a breeding ground for innovation. Technology is so advanced and available! It feels like everybody makes tracks now. If your sitting around a coffee table with music people who are all up in the scene, they might start to get defensive. That’s just growing pains. Again I used to feel that way about wahck shit, but how else do you make your stuff stand out? I love hearing my music play right after some whack poorly produced shit. I believe that totally free access to information and creativity is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. On the other hand you can never beat a good old-fashioned Dubstep remix of Paper Airplanes.
Bassmynt: Very exciting!!!

Dub Selekta: Speaking of exciting, what artist/track/album do you have on regular rotation right now?
Bassmynt: Throwing Snow – Sanctum
Missy Elliot – Work it (Nicolas Jaar Rework)
Guy Andrews
CherrieP: Um I only listen to German made Minimal-Techno-House-Future-Step music. That and Swedish Black Metal from the 80’s.

Dub Selekta: Selective Selektas! Looking forward to 2012, who are some artists you’re excited to see flourish?
Bassmynt: I think CherrieP and I would agree that Sylvermayne should get some releases!!!! I always have a radar on Bwana and hesk
CherrieP: Nah yo. It’s all about Bangs.

Dub Selekta: Tight. So for those who wanna checkout the live show, do you have any upcoming shows we can direct readers to?
CherrieP: No shows just yet. We plan to be doing more booty shit in Van city. I have a feeling people will respond to that well. Bassmynt and Lazerface are keeping shit wholesome back home in Toronto and MTL. Can’t forget Philth representative Zebrah keeping shit classy and nasty in Edmonton. Hit up philthkids.com for show details.

Dub Selekta: What can we expect to see/hear from you in the next year?
Bassmynt: More lazers!!
CherrieP: Violence, sexuality and a Bust it remix by somebody big.

Dub Selekta: Haha, I like the sounds of that! So you’ve given us a free tune to give away, tell us a bit about it and why people should listen to it.
CherrieP: Right about now I’m super in to taking Jungle and reworking it into Deep Juke. This is some serious business, cause there are lots of things going on with drums, can’t be too cluttered. Its always been my goal to create DJ friendly tacks that are stimulating as songs as well. This is that personified. Old School Jungle and Footwerk combined into one. Enjoy!

As always, big kudos to our main art man Construct for the awesome cover art. HUGE thanks goes out to the Philthkids for chatting with us and with DJ Cure for helping coordinate this mix/interview. BIG UPS!