Well we did promise that we’d be covering more grime here on Dub Selekta so he’s our second helping this week!

This mix was forwarded to us by someone who mentioned that they’d had it on repeate and couldn’t stop listening. And shortly after hitting play we were also smitten. Flossy hip hop mixed together with gangster/grimey/juke like beats is the easiest way to describe this mix. It flows between genres but all the while is super bass heavy with head nodders dropped in throughout that’ll have you swaying back and forth as you listen.

Live for the Funk (LFTF) has posted up this mix and it’d be advised that you checkout some of their other mixes on their soundcloud. If you’re liking this one then you’ll be in heaven when you see what else they’ve got posted up. The mix is currently posted up as a free download so jump up on it and grab a copy for yourself!

RL Grime Mix For LFTF by LFTF