Skream and Benga will also be a pleasure to feature here on Dub Selekta, we’re pretty big fans. Between their radio shows, live sets and the fact that they basically helped morph the bass scene to what it is today, they sit high within our books.

With that, we’ve got a fresh new recording via the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA)┬átaken from their live show at Energy London Eye with Sgt Pokes that it high energy from start to finish. There are reedits and reworkings galore; many familar Magnetic Man tracks as well as much of their solo stuff. Sgt Pokes provides the perfect amount of vocals onto of this mix, not too much and only in the right spots.

Skream and Benga were recently in Calgary and two of our fave photographers, Stoked on Photos and Charlotte Dobre Photography, were there to capture the event. Checkout their albums here and here respectively.