Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) has dished out a heavy dose of drum and bass with the release of a two part podcast from one of the biggest names in the biz; Dillinja. With lots of grimey gems in the mix, you’ll be hard pressed to not start thrashing out if you’re a drum and bass head.

Here’s what RBMA had to say about the podcasts:

Maximum Signal Control! At The Assembly in Cape Town, DJs, soundboys, party promoters, producers and creative collectives came together to construct one of the country’s top sound systems under the guiding hands of expert builders Valve Soundsystem (UK). A tribute to the very nucleus of club culture, the collaborative experience will be topped off by a three-day festival of sound featuring a full spectrum of electronic music, where all participating crews had the opportunity to perform on the newly built system. This is Dillinja himself at the controls. His name is synonymous with some of drum’n’bass’ baddest global anthems. Since the early 90s the Brixton-born producer has dropped sound killers with a trademark valve bass sound so low and dense that only specially designed sound systems could do it justice. A prolific producer, his catalogue of dubs and dedication to sound has earned him an iconic status few can match.

While you can’t actually download the mixes (via this site anyways) you can def still stream them loud and clear!

Also, if you’re wanting more info about the RBMA World Tour, including info on whether they’re coming to your town, then checkout this stellar new promo video as well as background info on the tour itself. Enjoy!