Resident Advisor just posted up a special feature with the elusive chamelian known as Ramadanman/Pearson Sound and David Kennedy that is worth the read if you’ve got a minute. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s not denying the impact that he’s had on garage and 2-step, even early early dubstep. His music is unlike any other producer I’ve ever heard and even when I saw him play live at sub|div this past spring, I was completely blowned away.

In the Playing Favoutires feature he’s dolled out tracks that haveĀ  signifigance to him while speaking in detail with Andrew Ryce about them. Andrew Ryce is hands down one of the best interviewers RA has on their site, I’d highly recommend that you read some of his other works on the site. Very insightful.

For an inside peek into the mysterion that is David Kennedy, RA’s got the deal.